Important documents

Here you will find a number of important documents, please take the time to read through these, to ensure you have all the facts about the proposed development. Which includes the building of 59 houses on protected greenbelt land, to pay for the restoration of the derelict Great Barr Hall.

Planning Applications for proposed development on protected green belt and historic parkland and restoration of Great Barr Hall.

To view the planning applications that were submitted to Walsall Council on 23rd December 2013 please click here:

You will need to use the following references numbers to view the applications:

  • 13/1568/LB
  • 13/1567/FL

English Heritage – Enabling Development and the conservation of significant places.

To view this important document which sets out the policy for enabling developments to take place please click here: English Heritage Enabling development

For example, with regard to the Great Barr Hall planning application, for the development of 59 houses to take place on protected greenbelt land, there must be some benefit to the local community and it must be demonstrable that the amount of development must be the minimum necessary to secure the future of the heritage asset (the Hall) .

In addition, the benefits to the community that the restoration to Great Barr Hall will provide, must outweigh the dis-benefit to the community (i.e. in our case the loss of the greenbelt, increased traffic, loss of open space etc).

Lapworth Architects – Community Benefits Statement

Another document to take a look at is the Community Benefits Statement published by Lapworth Architects on the proposed development. Click here to view this document: Lapworth Architects Community Benefits Statement

Planning Statement
The PlanningStatement was only recently added onto the application, please take a look it sets the legislation behind each of the works.

Statement of works
The Proposed Order of Works document was also only recently added to the application, it sets out the phasing of the works, with the houses on Chapel Lane being the first ones to be built and the restoration of Great Barr Hall to be the last on the list to be completed, 10 years down the line from the commencement of works.

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