Help to object

On this page you will find a number of documents that will help you to object to the planning application for 57 houses on protected greenbelt and the restoration of Great Barr Hall into a 600 capacity banqueting suite.

To download a series of objections that you may wish to use if you intend to object to the planning application, please click here: Planning Objections.

You can also download a template letter, which just has the planning department address on the top, please click here: Template planning letter

We suggest you send your letter in no later than 28th February 2014 to:

Alison Ives, Walsall Council, Planning and Building Control, The Civic Centre, Zone 2B, Darwall Street, Walsall WS2 1DG.

Quoting REF: 13/1568/LB and 13/1567/FL


1 Response to Help to object

  1. many years ago I protested against sex offenders being housed at St Margaret’s as someone has escaped and was seen in the woods adjoin the school playground, the long and short of is it we had all the councillors down at the school, we had threats of a teachers salary to cover the cost of a metal fence being erected around the school, we had central news there for a week and it was all over the news…we marched down to St Mar grate’s and had lots of press coverage and we won…this is a much larger campaign and over a long period of time, Beeches pool was to close and 10.000 signatures have now been collected to save the pool, I have not seen any petition sheets around is this something that should be in all the shops, or have I just missed them, this action group is good and hopefully enough pressure will change what they want to do and a happy medium can be met. We cannot allow them to build houses on our green belt, public pressure and lots of noise is the way forward..

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