Great Barr Hall car parking plan to surround St Margaret’s Churchyard and back onto Netherhall

Over the past few months, there have been many more additions to the planning application, but one of the more concerning additions include, the provision of 136 car parking spaces on land adjacent to St Margaret’s Churchyard and along Suttons drive where there will now also be coach parking.

There will also be an additional 40 temporary parking spaces located elsewhere (although it’s hard to see where on the plan), this also includes single file parking spaces stretched along the access road to the Netherhall estate, all of this to try and accommodate an anticipated 650 guests at weekends.

Take a look at the proposed parking plans here:

Amended Parking Arrangement – PP-01C – 05-03-14

Amended Parking Arrangement – PP-02C – 05-03-14

For reference when looking at these plans, St Margaret’s Church is off the plan in the top left hand corner, what you can see is the access road to the rear church car park and churchyard (which on the map is the road that goes off  towards the right but abruptly stops). The proposed parking here is around the proposed gatehouse, which is the now derelict isolation hospital which you used to be able to see from the church car park. On the plan this shows that there will be 136 car parking spaces around there.

The coach parking on Suttons Drive is not marked but it is presumed that this will be in the section marked ‘gravel layby’.

The bottom corner of the plan shows the proposed Great Barr Hall and the extra spaces that will stretch back up to the Netherhall Estate.

Published by Beacon Action Group

Beacon Action Group was formed in 1983 by local residents to resist insensitive development of the Great Barr Hall Estate.

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